A 32-year-old man is in hospital in critical condition after a shooting in Ottawa's west end, early Tuesday morning. Police say they were called to the Bayshore area at Barwell and Alenmede Crescent around 1 a.m.

Police administered first aid to the victim until paramedics arrived. Paramedics say the man was suffering from multiple injuries. He was transported to the trauma centre of the Ottawa Hospital.

Nearby, police taped off three crime scenes that are believed to be connected to this incident.

Police had blocked off one vehicle with multiple bullet holes in a driveway at Barwell and Alenmede. A second vehicle with at least two bullet holes was found down the road, parked at a dead-end street.

Meanwhile, residents living between the two scenes say their vehicles were hit by a “fleeing car.”

“He ran very fast, and hit the back of my car,” said Liem Hoang, who lives along Alenmede.

Const. Chuck Benoit with Ottawa Police confirms there was a meeting between individuals before the incident occurred.   

“The rest of the story is under investigation and we’re just waiting for the whole plot to come out,” he said.

Tuesday afternoon police were seen searching the fields nearby, and using a drone as part of the investigation.

Police would not comment on suspects.