A 20-year-old Ottawa man who was questioned in connection with an alleged terrorism plot to attack Canadian targets has been released on bail.

Awso Peshdary appeared in an Ottawa courtroom Friday morning dressed in a grey pin-striped shirt and black dress pants. He was quiet as he stood before the packed court room, which allowed for standing room only.

Although Peshdary was subject to intense questioning by RCMP in connection with the alleged Ottawa terror ring, he was never charged under the Anti-Terrorism Act. Rather, he was held in custody on charges of domestic assault and uttering death threats.

Denies involvement

Peshdary's lawyer told reporters outside the courthouse Friday that his client strongly denies having anything to do with the alleged terror cell.

"With respect to the allegations that brought him to the RCMP investigation, he doesn't have to clear his name. At this point, as far as I'm concerned, there's nothing to that, otherwise charges would have been laid," said lawyer Richard Morris.

"And with respect for the charges that he does face, the appropriate forum for clearing his name will be in a court and we're going to proceed further and do that."

The charges

Peshdary has been under police surveillance since at least April. The charges against him were laid as a result of information obtained through a bug planted in his Ottawa home.

The Crown alleges Peshdary threatened his wife and pushed her in a choking fashion. His wife's name is protected under a publication ban.

Peshdary's father and his 24-year-old sister posted $4,000 each for his bail. Conditions of his release require him to live with his parents and have no contact with his wife or wife's mother. He also cannot apply for a passport.

Peshdary will be back in court on the charges of domestic assault and uttering threats on Sept. 17.

Terror suspects

Meanwhile, a southern Ontario doctor charged in the alleged terror plot is yet to get a bail hearing after he made a brief court appearance in Ottawa Friday afternoon.

Khurram Syed Sher, 28, of London, Ont., is widely regarded as a well-respected individual in his community, and was a former contestant of Canadian Idol.

Hiva Mohammad Alizadeh, 30, and Misbahuddin Ahmed, 26, both of Ottawa, are also charged in the terror case. They will both appear in court later this month.

The trio was arrested and charged last week after police seized more than 50 electronic circuit boards that could be used for explosive devices. Police have said the alleged terror scheme reaches from Canada to Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan.

With files from CTV Ottawa's Kate Eggins