The 24-year-old man killed when a double set of wheels flew off a truck and struck his car on Highway 401 last weekend was remembered in Brockville Saturday.

Jason Eligh's funeral was held at Barclay Funeral Home where friends and family remembered him as a hardworking family man.

"He was a wonderful guy. The number one thing is that he was an amazing father," said Eligh's sister Erika Merkley.

Though the family is in the midst of their own grief, they are thinking about how to save others from such a tragic loss. Merkley says they want truck companies to look at higher safety standards.

"A lot of us are wondering why it happens to the best," said Merkley. "My response to that is God is taking the best."

Eligh's two children are too young to fully understand what happened, but his sister vows to make sure they know how wonderful their father was.

His parents are taking it especially hard. His sister is helping them cope and believes he is giving her strength.

"He's carrying me; I don't know how I'm staying this strong."

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Katie Griffin