There was a tragic ending to a Canada Day celebration for a young man in Ottawa. He fell to his death from a 6th floor balcony in the Byward Market early this morning.

Kyle Bignell is the super for th building at 215 Clarence Street.  He was asleep on the couch early this morning when he heard screaming.

 "Around 4:30 a.m., I heard “call an ambulance” and I looked out,” says Bignell, “and they were holding a guy on the ground and the ambulance came and tried to revive him.”

Bignell says the man had fallen from the balcony of the 6th floor apartment to the pavement below.  He says the man didn't live here, but was just visiting friends, celebrating Canada Day. 

Aaron Rivet lives right below the apartment and says there were maybe 5 people on the balcony.

"It definitely woke me up because I hear a lot of screaming, nobody touch the body. We called the ambulance, just a crazy chaotic mess for sure.”

Police were still at the apartment late this afternoon investigating what they called a "suspicious death."

"The investigators are talking to witnesses,” says Constable Chuck Benoit of the Ottawa Police, “as well as people at that location and at that point I can't refer to any kind of commenting on what went on exactly.”

Linda Berube has lived in the building for more than 20 years.  She says police calls in the middle of the night to the neighbourhood aren't unusual but this one was. 

"That's the first time I’ve seen that,” says Beurbe, “and I really don't want to see that again.  I feel sorry for the family.”

Police aren't releasing any details yet about the victim.  They’re still trying to notify his family.

As horrific as this death is, Ottawa police says it isn't that unusual.  Almost every year, they say, they investigate a death of someone falling from a balcony.