A Toronto man hitchhiking across the country in his underwear arrived in Ottawa Thursday night.

Mark McIntyre, now nicknamed the ‘Gitchhiker,’ is raising awareness and money for the Canadian Cancer Society by bumming rides from coast to coast.

“Even people who don’t want to drive me will pull over to find out what I’m doing…some people donate right on the spot,” said McIntyre.

So he says, for him, it is proof his efforts are working.  

McIntyre creates media buzz in almost every city he passes through; and he is building a fan-base online. One Ottawa fan said she didn’t have the means to give him a ride, so she brought him some hot chocolate instead.

“I can’t give a ride so I’m like might as well give a little something,” said Marie-Florance Ranger.

Ranger said her father won his battle with prostate cancer and she is more than happy to support someone going to such extremes to bring awareness to the cause.

A testicular cancer survivor himself, McIntyre says so far the support couldn’t be greater. He moves around in a “Gitchmobile” while in each city and town; but as soon as he hits the highway it’s ‘Gitchhiking’ from then on.

“I’m counting on Canadians to do it,” said McIntyre. “They’re going to gitchhiker.com, they’re clicking ‘like’ and they’re signing up to give me rides.”

McIntyre’s journey started west and heads east. If he reaches Truro, Nova Scotia within 21 days, Stanfield's Clothing will give $20,000 to the Canadian Cancer Society in addition to all the donations being made.

McIntyre leaves Ottawa and heads towards Quebec City Friday morning at 9:30 a.m. He says he is on target to make it to the final destination by December 4.

With files from CTV Ottawa’s Stefan Keyes