One of the men arrested in connection with the firebombing of a Royal Bank of Canada branch in Ottawa has been denied bail.

Roger Clement, 58, was denied bail Monday, nearly two weeks after he was arrested and charged in connection with a firebombing that destroyed an RBC branch on Bank Street in May.

A group of self-proclaimed anarchists called Fighting for Freedom Coalition-Ottawa posted a video of the firebombing online, claiming they targeted the bank for its sponsorship of the Vancouver Winter Olympics in February.

Clement, a retired civil servant, faces a number of charges in relation to the incident, including arson causing damage.

The evidence heard during Monday's bail hearing cannot be reported because it is protected by a publication ban.

Claude Haridge, another man charged in the case, was released on $100,000 bail last Friday.

He's been ordered to report to police daily and maintain a curfew of 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. He is also restricted from going near any RBC branch, or having any contact with groups protesting the G8 summit or aboriginal issues.

A third man, Matthew Morgan-Brown, is still waiting for his bail hearing.