OTTAWA -- After several reports of coyotes running around in areas across Ottawa, a man was attacked by a coyote late at night in Riverside South.

Ottawa Police say the man was bitten on the back of the leg by a coyote in the area of Spratt Road and Goldeneye Way around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The man was not seriously hurt, and police say he did not require medical attention.

Officers canvassed the area but were unable to locate the coyote.

Since Friday, Ottawa Police have received several calls about coyote sightings across Ottawa, particularly in Barrhaven and Riverside South.

On Monday, 74-year-old George Bayne told CTV News Ottawa he had an encounter with a coyote on two consecutive nights last month.  Bayne said he was delivering papers in the early morning hours of May 30 when he felt a pain in his ankle, and “looked down and there’s a huge coyote busy gnawing on my ankle.”

The following night, Bayne said he was on Canyon Walk Drive off Spratt Road when he saw a coyote heading towards him, but he got into his car and drove off.

Ottawa Police, Ottawa Bylaw Services and the City of Ottawa are working on public safety tips for the public when it comes to coyotes.

Councillor Carol Anne Meehan said Ottawa Bylaw has hired a trapper to investigate coyote issues in Riverside South.