Ottawa Police have received more calls from potential victims about the man accused of several break-ins and one sexual assault.  34-year-old Martin Dupuis was arrested yesterday. Police say he broke into women's bedrooms while they were sleeping.  Dupuis was in court today to face charges of break and enter, sexual assault and now a new charge of stealing a car.

In court to face him was one hit his alleged victims.  The young woman came to court looking for some peace of mind, hoping that the man who broke into her bedroom early Sunday morning was behind bars.

“It's more of a peace of mind to know how the whole thing was proceeding,” she said standing outside the Elgin Street courthouse today, “where he's at, whether he's released, peace of mind.”

The woman, who didn't want her name used, was one of two female victims that night who awoke to an intruder in their rooms in the university neighborhood of Sandy Hill. The victims lived a block apart.  The incidents happened a little more than an hour apart. She screamed when the man was inches from her face. 

“I had a brief encounter with him and by the sounds of it, the other break in was much more traumatizing for the other woman.”

Ottawa Police now confirm the other woman had been sexually assaulted. 

Surveillance footage from a camera on the apartment building where one of the women lived captured images of a man fitting the description of their assailant. Wednesday evening, Ottawa Police caught a man trying to steal a bike in the same area.  The homeowners had recognized him from the photos police were circulating.

 34-year Martin Dupuis was charged with 3 counts of break and enter, one count of sexual assault, along with several other charges .  And now police have added a new charge related to a car stolen from a home in the St. Laurent area last week. It isn’t Martin Dupuis’ first encounter with the courts.  He was convicted in 2010 for trespassing at night and sentenced to 12 months’ probation.  That is one of the same charges that were laid against him yesterday. Police are now investigating other calls they've received to see whether there's a connection to the man they've arrested.

“There are other cases we’re investigating now,” says Sergeant James McGarry with the Ottawa Police Break and Enter Squad,” that he’s a person of interest for.

Dupuis is back in court next Tuesday for a bail hearing.