TORONTO -- A comedian who hopped on Toronto's subway tracks to make a video "warning" of Pokemon Go dangers is now on the receiving end of a lecture himself.

The YouTube video, called "Pokemon Go Problems," shows Mark Correia walking into various objects, falling over and walking on the subway tracks at Toronto's Union Station, all while looking at his cellphone and evidently playing the popular mobile game.

"With comedy, you try to take as many precautions as you can and hope that it pays off," said the 20-year-old.

Correia said he waited until right after a train left the station before going on the tracks, and was only down there for "like, five seconds." He said he was more worried about getting caught than getting killed on the subway tracks.

But Correia should have been worried, according to the Toronto Transit Commission. Spokesman Brad Ross said Correia could have been killed or seriously injured. If Correia had tripped, he could have touched the third rail and been electrocuted, Ross said.

"Trains at Union Station come in on a curve, so there's no line of sight," he said. "So the (subway) operator wouldn't see somebody on the track until the very last second."

Ross said that "at the minimum" the stunt could have delayed thousands of subway riders.

"The chief concern of all of this is that it could send the wrong message to people who think that there are Pokemon down at track level," he said. "There are not."

But Correia said he doesn't think people will try to replicate the video. He said the video was supposed to be a warning to people, that they shouldn't get too invested in Pokemon Go or other video games.

"I really don't think this would be an endorsement to anybody. I look like a complete idiot doing it," he said. "I make myself look stupid."

Ross said the TTC is investigating the incident.