OTTAWA -- MAJIC 100 morning show host Stuntman Stu is preparing for the next step in the fight against leukemia.

Stu Schwartz will be admitted to the Ottawa Hospital on Wednesday to prepare for a bone marrow transplant.  On April 16, Schwartz announced his leukemia was in remission, nearly three months after being told the leukemia had returned.

Speaking on CTV Morning Live, Schwartz said for the week leading up to the bone marrow transplant, he will be “pumped with a lot of chemo to remove the DNA from my donor four years ago, to completely wipe my system clean. I will have no immune system by the end of the week.”

Schwartz will remain in hospital for the next week to protect him during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Schwartz tells CTV Morning Live that doctors have said a second bone marrow transplant is “riskier, but there’s no alternative. I mean this is what I have to do to stay alive.”

“When you’re given this diagnosis and given this solution, you don’t argue with it. You say ‘okay, I trust the team of doctors and the transplant team.’ I have to put my faith in the system, in God and just the fact that this will work. You just got to be positive.”

He does not know who the new bone marrow donor is, and will not know who the person is for the next two years.

“The person who is saving my life for a second time, I can’t wait to meet them,” Schwartz said.