OTTAWA -- Lyft is rolling into Arnprior.

The ride-sharing service announced at Arnprior’s Town Council meeting Monday night it will be launching service immediately in the community west of Ottawa.

Under the plan, Lyft says passengers will be able to use its ride-sharing service within Arnprior, and also travel to Ottawa and Renfrew.

 “Several Lyft drivers live in Arnprior, so we’re happy to be able to offer them a flexible earning opportunity closer to home,” said Rob Woodbridge, Lyft’s General Manager for Ottawa.

Lyft is the first ride-sharing service to launch in Arnprior. There are currently three cab companies operating in the community.

Arnprior Mayor Walter Stack tells CTV News Ottawa that officials from Lyft have been speaking with municipal staff about the riding sharing service launching in the community.

As part of consultations on the town’s Strategic Plan in 2019, the city committed to investigating options, such as ride-sharing services, as an opportunity for affordable, reliable transportation for residents.

In response to questions from CTV News Ottawa, staff said Arnprior does not currently license any transportation offerings in the town, and there are no plans to impose licensing requirements on ride-sharing services.

Staff add that since Lyft will not be licensed by the town, there are no restrictions on when the ride-sharing service can launch operations.

Lyft launched in the City of Ottawa two years ago. The ride-sharing service’s 2020 Economic Impact Report found 48 per cent of Ottawa riders said they explore more areas of their city as a result of Lyft.

According to Lyft’s website, the ride-sharing service operates in Ottawa, Ajax, Brampton, Hamilton, Mississauga, Newmarket, Oshawa, Richmond Hill, Toronto, Richmond and Vancouver.


An earlier version of this story said there were two cab companies in Arnprior. There are three cab companies operating in the town.  Incorrect information was given to CTV News Ottawa.