The City of Ottawa says the first week of workday commutes on the new Confederation Line went by without any major problems.

There were a couple of train delays early in the week but they were resolved. Riders complained about crowded platforms at the Blair and Tunney’s Pasture rail-to-bus transfer stations, but OC Transpo says extra buses have been dispatched for afternoon riders to help handle the backlog.

Parallel bus service runs alongside LRT for another two weeks. OC Transpo’s manager of customer systems, Pat Scrimgeour, told last week’s Transit Commission meeting that once October 6 rolls around, buses at Tunney’s and Blair will be empty, which will also help move people along.

In the meantime, October’s monthly passes are now available and riders are paying more. A 2.5% fare increase that was set to come into effect in January officially kicks in October 1. The fare was frozen until after the LRT launched.

An adult monthly pass will now cost $119.50. The cash fare, or the cost to buy a train ticket at the station, is rising to $3.60 for a 90-minute transfer. The per-ride fee with a Presto Card will be $3.55.

Capital Ward Coun. Shawn Menard is unhappy with the change, saying transit riders have had to endure a lot of difficulty in waiting for the line to open. He argues fares should continue to be frozen.