The Rideau Transit Group has confirmed a worker was injured Saturday while working on the LRT tunnel in downtown Ottawa.

Emergency crews were called to the LRT entrance at Queen St. and Kent St. Saturday afternoon after reports of a medical emergency.

In a statement, the RTG says reports indicate a worker was struck by a hose supplying concrete. He was able to walk out of the tunnel under his own power before being taken to hospital.

The Ministry of Labour has been notified of the incident. There are no details on how severe the workers injuries are.

It's the second time in a week a worker has been injured while working on the LRT tunnel. Last Saturday, a worker was hurt at the Parliament station. That resulted in the Ministry of Labour ordering a few safety changes.

In its statement, the RTG says the group "continue to comply with all industry standards in terms of incident management and notification (such as notifying the Ministry of Labour when an incident/injury warrants)."

The statement goes on to say that "at any given time up to 1100 employees (this includes subcontractors) are currently working on the project. To date over 4.9 million hours have been worked on the project. We have had 11 lost time injuries for an LTI rate of 0.32."

The OLRT claims that rate is better than the industry average for heavy civil construction in Ontario.

Work on the LRT tunnel continues on all locations.