OTTAWA -- Nearly one year after launching, the full complement of 15 train cars ran on Ottawa's $2.1 billion Confederation Line LRT.

This is the first time the LRT has had all 15 trains in service during a peak period since the line opened to the public in September 2019. The original plan was to have 15 trains running during the morning and afternoon peaks, with two trains as spares but, shortly before launch, it was decided that only 13 trains would be sufficient.

On Tuesday, Transportation Services General Manager John Manconi said the Rideau Transit Group would be able to supply 15 trains and two spares as of Aug. 4, but he also said that day that only 13 trains would be running that day because of an ongoing inspection regime put in place after three train cars experiences wheel cracks.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada has launched an investigation into the wheel cracks on the LRT. At one point this summer, the service was reduced to seven trains because of the issue.

In a statement to CTV News, Duane Duquette, Acting Director of Transit Operations said 15 trains were launched Friday morning.

"This morning 15 trains were successfully launched into service. This is the first time 15 trains have run on the O-Train line since its launch," he said.

In a tweet, OC Transpo said that trains were coming every three minutes and 20 seconds with 15 trains on the line.