There was another injury today involving employees working on Ottawa's Light Rail Tunnel.

A 28-year-old worker was hit in the head with a piece of equipment and had to be rescued at the bottom of the tunnel.

It happened just after noon today at the Parliament Station construction site at Queen and O'Connor.

Ottawa Paramedics say a scissor lift was being lowered into the tunnel when it struck the man on the head, causing a neck injury.

These photos taken by Ottawa firefighters show their high angle team being deployed to remove the injured worker from the site.

The worker was taken to the hospital for x-rays. He's in stable condition, according to paramedics.

None of the workers at the site would speak to us. “I don't know what happened at all,” says one worker.

In a statement, the company responsible for the LRT - Rideau Transit Group said, "A worker was injured while working on the concourse level at the west end of the station and was removed from the work site using a crane. The worker was conscious with undetermined non-critical injuries and has been taken to the hospital."

The Ministry of Labor is investigating and confirms that there have been more than 600 workplace safety orders issued on the LRT project between March of 2013 and November 23 of this year.

That was just this past Thursday when a worker sustained minor injuries an incident at the Belfast yard.

Sean McKenny is with the Ottawa and District Labor Council, “Two work place incidents in a five day period, it's of concern, no question.”

The Ottawa and District Labor Council has had regular meetings with the Rideau Transit Group to discuss workplace safety and says it will be satisfied when there are no accidents.

“What we have to do is see action,” says McKenny, “those actions that mean it’s a safe workplace and workers aren't being injured and that they are returning to their families at the end of the day.”