Delmer Hartwig won $15 million in Friday’s Lotto Max. So perhaps you can’t blame the Killaloe area man for telling his employer – a local logging company - he’s not coming back to work.

But what he did next is a little unusual.

Instead of claiming the giant jackpot as soon as possible, Delmer Hartwig went elk hunting.

“Well the elk hunt only comes once a year, eh?” explains Hartwig’s step-father, Winston Wills. Apparently Hartwig, a 54 year old, unmarried, now retired gravel truck operator had already planned the trip with friends. He decided to go ahead despite becoming an instant multi-millionaire.

His friends and family are still reeling. “I still have a hard time believing it” gasps Hartwig’s mother, Mona Wills.” His life-long friend, Stanley Pecoskie adds “It couldn’t happen to a better person.”

But no one has really spoken to Hartwig since learning of his good fortune. His mother says he is at a bush camp with friends and will be back in a few days.