Valerie Williams’ last hit of crack cocaine was 30 minutes ago. She’s been using it regularly for two years and describes how it destroyed her life.

“Definitely ruined my life a lot. I dropped out of school, no job, I'm always looking for that same high and it’s just a horrible drug.”

Crack is cocaine that is processed into rock form, then, usually put into a pipe so it can be smoked.

It's cheap and addictive.

Sylvie Henrie says she's been using crack cocaine on and off for 20 years.

"I only wish I never got introduced to it.” Henrie says, “It was the easy way out at the time and it got addictive.”

Patrick Doyle is an addiction and mental health counsellor at the Sandy Hill Community Health Centre.

He says there are all kinds functional addicts, even ones who smoke crack cocaine. Doyle says, “If you are addicted to any substance or behaviour, you need help.”

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