OTTAWA -- Two locally-run family businesses have joined forces to create barrier shields for stores preparing to reopen in a post pandemic world. 

Throughout the pandemic, Terlin Construction has been providing plastic barriers for essential services, mostly manufacturing solutions and installations. 

President Terry McLaughlin's son Lindsay, saw an opportunity and reached out to his brother in law Graham Blue. Another father-son duo, Allan is president of VPC.

Tapping into their expertise in e-commerce and distribution, they met and built a prototype, a lightweight protective barrier for businesses who are looking to protect both their staff and customers.

In a week’s time a new joint family venture was born, EZGard

"Necessity is the mother of invention and we saw a real need for innovative ways to protect essential workers," says Terry McLaughlin. "Working together on this with my son as well as Alan and Graham has been truly inspiring."

The protective shield in to reduce exposure to viruses like COVID-19. The barrier is easy to assemble thin light and ships flat. It can be anchored to a counter, or you can slide it around. 

The barriers are manufactured locally at Trilling shop in Kanata. The VPC duo handle shipping in commerce leveraging their company's E-store an online presence. 

Graham Blue says the products are selling quickly through online retailers on their own website, and for them it's important to be able to provide this product for people all throughout North America and globally. 

The shields are popular sellers for businesses planning their eventual re-open and there are six models designed to protect for variety of different applications.

Harsh Patel, Owner of Beauty Brows & Beyond Spa, has purchased a shield to setup for his eventual reopening. Along with providing customers with gloves and masks, and taking extra precautions, Patel is installing the guard for close contact treatments. 

"This is something that will protect you between individuals so you can say it's the most important thing."

The EZGard family team feels that the shields are important as well. They have been donating shields to local charities like the Ottawa Food Bank. 

"Graham and I work amazing together, the old guys seem to get along pretty good working together so it's been really great," says Lindsey McLaughlin. 

A budding business to protect in a post pandemic world the team believes there will still be a market for these in what they call the new normal going forward