If you’re not a Star Wars fan, skip ahead a few paragraphs.

But if you are, do you remember the house Luke Skywalker lived in with his aunt and uncle on Tatooine? It had a sand-coloured, domed entrance and the rooms were carved out of rock.

Well, there’s a house in rural west Ottawa that could be Luke’s next-door neighbour.

Nestled on a four acre lot, well-hidden from the road, is the Moulton family home. It’s sand-coloured, made of three connected, concrete domes, and the inside looks as if it could have been carved from solid rock.

“I like the space. I feel comfortable in here,” says homeowner Ray Moulton. “But you know, it also reminds me of hobbits and other fantasy-type stuff too.”

Moulton, his wife and two children had the 2,200-square-foot bungalow built ten years ago. He admits he is an avid sci-fi and fantasy fiction fan, but that’s not why he chose such a unique design. It turns out it the "Star Wars" style is also the most environmentally-friendly way to build a house. “The amount of concrete that goes into building this dome would be comparable to what would be put in a typical basement,” he says.

It’s called monolithic dome construction. A dome shell is inflated, then an inner wall is constructed out of insulation, steel bars, and sprayed concrete. The result is a living space that is incredibly durable, low-maintenance, and one of the most energy-efficient homes available. Moulton says he had his home energy tested a few years ago. “At the time it scored the highest in Canada,” he says.

Heat comes right from the ground via a small geothermal pump. The Moulton’s have never bothered with air conditioning.

Despite the advantages, monolithic dome houses are quite rare in Canada. They are more popular in the southern states where they are also touted as being tornado and hurricane-proof.

Perhaps they aren’t more common because the look is so, well, alien. “It’s very hard to put into words,” says local real estate agent, Joanne Beaton. “You really need to experience it.”

Beaton and the home-owner are hoping people will do just that. Due to circumstances, Moulton has reluctantly put his one-of-a-kind house up for sale.

Which means if you are an environmentally-conscious Star Wars fan, then have they got a house for you. Asking price: $439,900.