OTTAWA -- If you’re flying anywhere this holiday season, make sure to leave the eggs, barbecue tools and knives at home.

While it may seem like common sense, those are just some of the items that had to be left behind at the Ottawa Airport over the last two weeks because they’re not allowed in carry-on baggage.

“The eggs are a bit unusual to me I’ll be completely honest with you. It’s the first time [I’ve seen] a dozen fresh eggs at the checkpoint,” said Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) spokesperson Christine Langlois.

“What you can bring are liquids or gels if they’re in 100ml or less containers and they have to fit altogether in a 1L clear plastic bag, that’s for carry on,” Langlois said, adding exceptions are made for breastmilk when presented at security.

Langlois says knowing what you can bring on board or have to put in a checked bag will make the airport experience a lot easier for passengers.

CATSA has also created an app that lets passengers search for a specific item and provides real-time wait times in 14 Canadian airports including Ottawa.

“It’s easier on you, it’s easier on us and on everybody so download our app and make sure you're ready and you know,” Langlois said.

Another travel reminder: if you’re bringing gifts on board with you, make sure they’re unwrapped.