One of the biggest projects in Ottawa’s history is coming in over budget.

The Lansdowne Park redevelopment is expected to cost about $12 million more than first projected.

The number came out of highly-anticipated report updating the redevelopment costs and plans.

The stadium will be $3.3 million more than first thought, a parking garage will cost $5.6 more, and $3.1 million more will go to site servicing.

Some Ottawa residents say they are eager for construction to get underway.

 "What was there before was terrible… although it's not the best thing ever, they're doing something and they're doing something quickly and I appreciate it," said Ottawa resident Jamie Nowiski.

Others say they are worried about how the space will be used.

 “I'm concerned about the density of it with all of the condominiums and I’m also concerned about the impact that the businesses will have on the rest of Bank St.,” said Ottawa resident Katrin Nagelschmitz.

Ian Lee and the Friends of Lansdowne group took the city to court over the redevelopment plans. They lost their case.

Still, Lee says some things in the report are positive.

“They’re not proceeding with the Municipal Services Corporation which would have taken Lansdowne Park outside of the scrutiny of city council, so that was a pleasant surprise,” Lee said.

The report was sparing on details of which retailers will set up shop at the new Lansdown Park. Whole Foods and Empire Theatres are coming to the site.

Lee says a full list of retailers should have been announced.

“People could say 'well that's just a detail that will come later' but the entire Lansdowne proposal was sold on the basis that it's going to be unique and that all of the tenants coming in are going to be really unique,” Lee said.

The stadium is expected to be completed by the summer of 2014, just in time for the FIFA Women’s World Cup and the return of a CFL team.

The entire redevelopment project is expected to be finished by 2015.

The report will be discussed at a Finance and Economic Development Committee meeting next week. Councillors will vote on the report Oct. 10.

With files from CTV’s Katie Griffin.