Three members of La Cité collégiale's foundation board have resigned, furious over the flashy car driven by the school's president.

President Lise Bourgeois gets a car allowance that she puts towards her $100,000-Porsche.

However, the board members, who raise money for the school, are upset with Bourgeois' choice of vehicle. They've even pulled their personal donations in protest.

A fourth board member is reportedly considering resignation.

"They were upset from the vehicle that she chose, but the fact is that it doesn't affect her way of managing the college. She's a good leader, we're all behind her, we're going on," said Luc Lapensée, interim president of the board.

Bourgeois' parking spot was empty on Wednesday. She will meet with the board on Thursday.

Bourgeois started her term as president of the college in March.

La Cité collégiale is one of the fastest growing colleges in the province. Enrollment has jumped more than 20 per cent in the last two years.