KINGSTON -- It was lights, camera, action in Kingston, as City Hall provided the backdrop for a popular Netflix show on Friday.

Multiple sources confirm to CTV News Ottawa that the show "Locke & Key" was filming throughout the day in Kingston.

Many say it is a needed boost for the city, amid the pandemic.

Films like this are expected to bring in $150,000 in revenue for the city. That means hundreds of people staying in hotels, grabbing food from restaurants, and even being hired as local production members.

"It’s been a tough go for our tourism and hospitality industry, that I think having something like this, it’s coming at the perfect time," says Kingston Mayor Bryan Paterson.

Rick White, who owns Whites Rides, says he found out two weeks ago that his horses would be featured in the show. He’s also making his debut as a background actor in the series.

"My kids are pretty excited. They watch the show, they’ll be pretty excited to see dad in one of the shots," said White.

Usually the summer months would be filled with events and activities, but under the pandemic, that’s halted.

"They’ve been basically sitting in the fields waiting to do something," White explains. "It’s been really hard on our business."

Andrea Lopez is a fan of the show, and couldn’t wait to come down with her camera to see the action for herself.

"It’s a great location, and all the architecture," Lopez explains. "So it’s great that they’re filming here, that I got to see everything."

Chester has run a hot dog cart outside Kingston City Hall for five years; he says this is the busiest he has been in months.

"On a regular day, I’ve sold two dozen (hot dogs)," he explains. "Today, I’ve sold five dozen. So I’m very happy."