A 20-year-old Kingston man has been charged with child luring over the Internet after the victim's mother received an anonymous tip.

Stephen Mark Bordage was also charged with four counts of breach of probation after police raided a home on Thursday.

The suspect made contact with a 14-year-old girl on a Facebook application called "Speed Date." He later communicated with the girl through Windows Live Messenger, text messages on her cell phone, and by telephone.

He told the victim he was 15-years-old and lived with his father. In a matter of several days the man convinced the girl he was completely in love with her, according to Kingston police.

The man planned a meeting in her hometown, a five-hour drive form Kingston. The pair would then ride a bus back to Kingston, where she would reside with the suspect.

The girl's parents were not aware of the plans, police said.

But her mother received an anonymous telephone warning from a Kingston man.

She made a report to cybertip.ca, who forwarded the information to police.

Kingston police believe the suspect may have had contact with other young girls in Kingston and across Ontario, under the e-mail address sbordage69@live.ca. Anyone with information is asked to call (613) 549-4660 ext. 6227.