KINGSTON -- Kingston’s annual Partners in Mission Foodbank drive has been moved online as the province's COVID-19 lockdown continues.

That doesn’t mean they still don’t need donations. In fact, the executive director says the need is growing every day as the city feels the effects of the pandemic.

The Food Blitz is a big one for the local food bank. It brings in 30,000 pounds of food that gets handed out to clients during the summer months, when donations typically slow down says Dan Irwin.

But this year, they have a goal of raising $50,000 through donations to their website and through mail-in cheques. 

That’s because they’re seeing more people come through their doors to use their services during the pandemic, says Irwin. 

"More families, more children," he explains of the new faces this year.

Many jobs in Kingston rely on the tourism industry, hit hard by the COVID-19 shut downs. Irwin says the food and money raised during the blitz will help them serve those clients through the coming months.

"What we’re really concerned about is the economic effects, how long is it going to take to restart the economy?" says Irwin. "Is everyone going to get to participate? People working in the service industry and retail were the first to be laid off, and each economic pause they're the first to be laid off. We’re really concerned about those people, and their ability to cope and manage."

The virtual event goes on until May 31. 

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