Delmer Hartwig took five days to go elk hunting before travelling to Toronto Wednesday to pick up a $15 million dollar lottery cheque.

Hartwig hit all seven numbers in last Friday's Lotto Max draw.

The 54 year old bachelor from Killaloe plans to share some money with family and friends.

“I want to keep this simple. I want to share some money with family and friends, give some to charity and maybe buy a new car. I may splurge on an extreme hunting trip in the Northwest Territories or the Yukon,” said Hartwig in an OLG news release.

There are no plans to leave the village of Killaloe located two hours west of Ottawa.

“I will be spending some of the jackpot cash to fix my home in Killaloe because that is where I grew up. I love that place," stated Hartwig.

Hartwig immediately retired his job of 25 years as a gravel truck operator in the small community of Killaloe.