The woman cycling across Canada to raise awareness for organ donation, after giving her own kidney to her mother one year ago, is making a stop in Ottawa.

Eileen Fheng says her mother was suffering from polycystic kidney disease and was in desperate need of a new kidney.

Zheng donated her kidney to her mother in February 2015.

“Her health was deteriorating and it was deteriorating very quickly, and if I didn’t give it to her at around the time that I did, I don’t think she would be here right now,” said Zheng.

Now she wants to encourage others to sign up for organ donation.

“You can be a living organ donor and still be able to continue your life and live healthily,” said Zheng.

She started her ‘Gift From Within’ tour in British Columbia in May and plans to cycle to St. Johns Newfoundland.

Zheng admits the journey can become tiring, but in her weakest moments, she remembers her mother.

“I can’t even compare with the people that are actually sick and ill and have a disease and waiting for organs and going through dialysis or chemo – so I would say it is hard, but it’s not that hard,” said Zheng.

Zheng is currently fundraising and actively looking for sponsors to continue her journey. She is also encouraging people to not only sign up for organ donation but to let their loved ones know of their decision. You can find more information on her journey here.