CALABOGIE, ONT. -- A Calabogie company has brought the family-friendly activity of kicksledding to the Ottawa Valley.

Mad River Paddling Co. says they received three new kicksleds for rent over the holiday break and have already ordered more stock.

"The kicksleds are the newest thing we have," says Tana Smith, one of the co-founders of Mad River Paddling Co. "They are made in Finland, it's an ancient sport, but maybe new to a lot of people here."

The design is simple and easy to use, making it a fun option for families to use and get outside on a trail or even in a backyard.

"They're so simple, it's kind of like a seated stair," explains Smith. "Think dog sledding without the dogs."

Smith says her local outdoors company started in March 2021 and spent the summer offering canoe, kayak, and stand-up paddleboard rentals. They have already seen demand of the kicksleds, and are anticipating business to increase heading into the latest provincial lockdown.

"Folks are desperate for something to do," says Smith. "Anything, get out there, try something new, and be active, not only for our physical health but our mental health."

The kicksleds are available to rent starting from $30 for half a day, all the way up to $150 for a full week. The sleds are also part of a variety of unique winter gear available including fat tire e-bikes for winter cycling and hybrid snowshoe-skis. (

"They're just super fun and easy to use. You don't need equipment or sizes, in terms of boots and stuff like you do for cross-country skiing. You can just get off the screen and get out there."