The builder of Ottawa’s $2.1 billion LRT project says it will hand over the keys to the city on or before March 31, 2019.

In a statement late Thursday, Rideau Transit Group (RTG) writes “…in the spirit of continued cooperation, we confirm (without prejudice to our entitlement to revised Revenue Service Availability and Longstop Dates, including due to Delay Events) that our Works Schedule will reflect achievement of Revenue Service Availability on or before March 31, 2019.

Once that happens, the city will then conduct tests for about a month before the system is ready for passengers.

Rideau Transit Group was supposed to tell the city on Jan. 2 when the project will be ready for service. But the city says RTG asked for, and was granted, a one-day extension of the deadline.

RTG has already missed two deadlines to complete the project from Blair Road to Tunney’s Pasture. The original handover date was set for May, 2018.