Bagels are one of the most popular breakfast and lunch options out there.

And now you can have them show up at your door every Tuesday, courtesy of one of Ottawa’s longest running bagel shops.

There's nothing like a fresh bagel right out of a wood fired oven. At Kettleman's Bagels, they’re cooking up a new idea, and it’s been gaining popularity.

“We wanted to get our guests the same experiences that they would have coming into the store, but make it more convenient for them,” says Daniel Reyes Cocka, Kettleman's director of marketing and communication.

This past summer, the company launched a brand new subscription service that brings the bagels to you.

“Guests can order sesame and everything bagels delivered to their door every seven, 14, or 30 days,” says Reyes Cocka. “You click on the subscribe button, choose which bagels you’d like and the frequency at which you’d like them, and you’ll get a confirmation email. It will start the following Tuesday. It also makes a great gift for the holidays.”

Kettleman's Bagels opened their first restaurant in 1993 on Bank Street. They now have four locations in Ottawa and have recently expanded into Toronto. With the new delivery service only costing a few extra dollars per dozen, customers says it’s well worth the convenience.

When Scott Miller of MBM Intellectual Property Law heard about this new option, he jumped at the chance to have bagels delivered for his employees every week.

“From a convenience point of view as the employer, it’s great because it’s cheap. It’s not an expensive commodity,” says Miller. “They come fresh; they come in the brown bags plus the freezer bags. Sometimes, if we have a couple extra, people take them home. It’s fantastic to be honest.”

Hand rolled, pre boiled in honey water, then baked to perfection. Kettlemans says they’re usually still warm when they arrive on your doorstep.

“We cover all of Ottawa. We go from Orléans in the east, Kanata in the west, and south to Barrhaven. I believe it’s a 30 kilometre radius, so it’s pretty much the entire footprint of the city,” says Keith Provick, manager of the Kettlemans on Bank Street. “Once you place your order, on the next Tuesday your order will get added to the route. And then, based on your frequency, it will repeat either weekly or monthly from that Tuesday.”

At a flat rate of $16 dollars per dozen, it’s a delivery deal that’s almost as irresistible as the bagels themselves.

“Every Tuesday we get two dozen bagels,” says Miller. “People cram into the kitchen to go scoop them. It’s been outstanding.”