KEMPTVILLE, ONT. -- There's no doubt that raising a baby in the middle of a pandemic is tough, but one Kemptville family is doing it times three.

Veronica Crespi and Paul Aspeck got the surprise of a lifetime when they found out they were pregnant.

“My doctor had called me and said, you need to go to the emergency room for an ultrasound,” says Crespi. “And they tell us that it’s triplets. So we went, in a matter of hours, from, no babies, to thinking maybe one baby, to you’re having twins and then you’re having triplets.”

Trying to keep three 14-month-old toddlers busy, at a time when most places are closed due to COVID-19, has been trying for these parents.

“It’s been tough not able to have the help we were anticipating,” says Aspeck. “At the beginning, when we found out we were having triplets, we kind of had a game plan throughout the pregnancy. Since then, that game plan has gone away.”

Both parents are now back to work, but they have managed to create a schedule that works for their busy life while still raising three kids alone during a pandemic.

“We’re tired and we’re busy but we are very blessed that they are very good babies and are allowing us to still be productive,” says Crespi.

Because of COVID-19, Crespi needed a way to keep friends and family close to the triplets, from a distance and Instagram was the perfect platform to do it.

“We started 'The Triplets of Kemptville' Instagram page as a way of sharing updates about the babies. Because of COVID, we weren’t able to have people over and our friends and family were missing out. ”

Her Instagram page has become so much more, with followers now starting to give advice and tips on raising multiples, and she says it's helping a lot

The parents are still hoping for better days ahead, when they can finally share this experience with loved ones in person.

“We just look forward to when we can be together again, and have parties and barbecues and do all of the things that we’ve been missing,” says Crespi.

For now, they will just continue to enjoy what they have, which they say is more than enough.

“Chances are we would have more multiples. Four would be manageable. More than that, I don’t think so. We’re done,” says Crespi laughing.