The 12-member jury has found Kevin Gregson guilty of first-degree murder in the 2009 stabbing death of Const. Eric Czapnik.

It took them more than nine hours to come to the decision.

Gregson, 45, was arrested on Dec. 29, 2009 when Const. Czapnik was stabbed while on duty outside the Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus.

The Crown attorney had the burden of proving first-degree murder beyond a reasonable doubt.

The guilty verdict means the jury believes Gregson went to the hospital with the intent to kill.

First-degree murder comes with a heavier sentence than manslaughter.

The defence was hoping for a verdict on manslaughter and tried to present a case casting doubt on the intent behind Gregson's actions.

Gregson was also found guilty on robbery charges for a carjacking that took place just hours before Const. Czapnik's murder.

The court heard from friends and family shortly after the verdict was read.

Const. Czapnik's son Arthur addressed the court and asked them for a moment of silence to honour his father. Once that moment was over he said "amen" and told the court that is what you say after a prayer.

"I remain fatherless," said Arthur but added Const. Czapnik's blood still flows through his veins.

He also spoke of his sister and told the court she was "daddy's little girl" and that she won't have him for big events like prom or her wedding.

Arthur says he plans on following in his father's footsteps by becoming a police officer himself.

"I struggle everyday with the fact that my Dad is gone. Part of me died with him. Dad I love you forever."

Anna Korutowska, Czapnik's widow, also spoke to the court. She spoke of the impact this tragedy has had on her late husband's family in Poland.

Korutowska says her mother-in-law's health took a turn for the worse.

Their five-year-old son, Anthony, was worried for her safety when he realized she would be in the same room as Gregson.

"Mummy I'm worried if you're in the court with Kevin Gregson you'll die too."

Korutowska says she didn't sign up to be a single mother and that it was very hard.

She says she couldn't bring herself to throw out his toothbrush or wash the bed sheets.

CTV Ottawa's Catherine Lathem is in the courtroom and says the judge, Justice Douglas Rutherford, is emotional.

He speaks directly to the widow and says "I hope you feel the emotion felt for you throughout this city."

Gregson had an opportunity to speak in court and chose not to do so.

He left without giving a reaction.

Gregson is sentenced to 25 years with no eligibility of parole. He will be behind bars until Dec. 28, 2034 with time served.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Graham Richardson and Catherine Lathem