An Ottawa judge has ruled that Sam Haddad doesn't have to share his lottery win with his sister.

Haddad won 16 million dollars in 2008 - half of a 32 million dollar prize he shared with a long time friend.

His sister Leila Nahas claimed she was part owner of the winning ticket - and wanted more than 10 million dollars.

The judge ruled she was "not a credible or reliable witness" and that her story "destroyed the family".

Haddad testified that she made up the story.

Shortly after the 2008 win, Hadd gave his sister $25,000.

About 20 supporters joined Haddad in court. His sister sat alone with her husband on other side of court.

Haddad's wife Denise spoke blunty about the sister Leila Nahas who lost the case today:

 "I will never speak to her again. I hope she rots and burns in Hell," she said.

Leila Nahas reacted angrily as she left the courtroom.  "Enjoy my money", she said to Haddad's family as they jeered at her.

CTV's Patricia Boal will have more details on CTV News at 6.