An Ottawa judge released new video Wednesday that shows one of the officers involved in the Stacy Bonds case kicking another person in custody in a separate incident.

Bonds' lawyer submitted the footage as evidence to demonstrate the character of Special Const. Melanie Morris.

The video shows Terry Delay, a homeless man, being dragged into a cell in July 2009. When he's in the cell, Morris kicks him.

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The charges against Delay were stayed. The judge residing over the case ruled that kicking the homeless man "appeared to be retaliation." The judge added that the video rattles confidence in the system and "you wouldn't kick a dog" in such a manner.

Morris is also seen in a video of Bonds' treatment by police in September 2008.

She is spotted kneeing Bonds in the back. Several officers later pin Bonds to the ground. Sgt. Steve Desjourdy then cuts off her shirt and bra with a pair of scissors.

Police chief Vern White said he couldn't comment on the new video because it's related to the Bonds case and is part of the probe by Ontario's Special Investigations Unit.

"We can't lose sight of the fact that our members respond to thousands of calls for assistance every day, and do so in the kind of competent and highly professional manner that the public expects of us," White stated.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Kate Eggins