The gloves may be off in the final week of the election campaign, but the candidates in Ottawa-Centre are keeping their shirts on.

A joke story on a local blog said NDP candidate Paul Dewar and Liberal Scott Bradley were unveiling shirtless campaign signs to reach out to female and gay voters.

When the blog post was picked up by A Morning on Wednesday, the candidates found themselves being complimented and criticized on their supposed choice of wardrobe.

"I was doing a wave and a meet and greet at Bank and Laurier this morning when a woman came up to me and said she liked me with my shirt off . . . I thought it was another sign being defaced, but this is all in fun," said Bradley.

He jokes that he's developed a special ‘flex knock' from the thousands of doors he's knocked on.

Meanwhile, Dewar's campaign says they'd prefer to run on his record, and not on his abs.

"We're working hard to get the votes out, but he's keeping his clothes on," a spokesperson told CTV Ottawa.