The man accused of killing Jagtar Gill confronted his former lover days after the murder and asked if she had done it.  Bhupinderpal Gill is testifying in his own defence, trying to convince a jury he had nothing to do with the murder.   Gill told his lawyer he confronted Gurpreet Ronald a few days after Jagtar’s murder. He says she told him she had an alibi; that she had been with someone.

Defence lawyer James Harbic took his client Bhupinderpal Gill through that 911 call he made moments after he and his daughter found Jagtar Gill dead on the floor of their Barrhaven home January 29, 2014.

“She's not moving at all sir, I need help please,” he tells the 911 operator.

Gill testified he came running into the house that day, thought his wife had fallen off the couch. As he came closer, he saw cuts to Jagtar's cheek and arms.  He yelled at his daughter to call 911 but the home phone didn't work so he called on his cell.

“I need you to put her on her back,” says the operator.  “No, I can't do that,” Gill says.

Gill told court that while he was on the phone to the 911 operator, he saw two knives close to his wife's head. Gill say he got nervous wondering why those knives where there so while he talked to the 911 operator, he says he picked up the knives and stuck them in the sink.  He told court he now had blood on his hands and testified, with the phone in the crook of his neck, he washed the blood off while talking to the 911 operator about his bloodied and beaten wife.

With Gill still on the phone, he noticed a bloodied bar and testified he worried there was an intruder in the house.

“There's been somebody in my house, sir. All the stuff is all over the place."

So he raced upstairs with the bar and the phone. Then to the basement where he quickly realized the weightlifting bar was actually his and now his fingerprints were on the murder weapon. Still on the phone with 911, he says he makes a decision.

"I was apprehensive her family would make accusations against me,” Gill testified, “and being nervous, there was a hole in the Christmas box and I made it bigger and hid it in there.”

That is contrary to what he told Ottawa Major Crime Detective Chris Benson the day he was arrested when, during the course of a four-hour interview, he repeatedly denied putting the bar in the box until confronted with videotaped surveillance footage.  Gill now says Jagtar's family had already accused him of trying to kill Jagtar ten years earlier in 2004. He knew this looked bad. 

“Did you ever confront Gurpreet Ronald as to whether she was involved in Jagtar’s murder?” James Harbic asked his client.

“Yes,” he testified, “there were so many rumours. She told me she didn't do anything like that and she has proof, that at that time she was accompanying somebody.  Gurpreet told me she had an alibi.”

Whether there is an alibi and what it is, that will have to come from Gurpreet Ronald.  And there is still no indication from her lawyer as to whether or not she will take the stand.