Your Honour, thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak to Alex's loved ones.

Dr. Morgan, Dr. Zolpis. Meaghan and Emma,

I know how difficult these past eight months have been. I know that no amount of words will ever fill the void in your hearts, or in any way replace the loss that you have suffered. I want to tell you how truly sorry and utterly ashamed I am for the unforgiveable mistakes that I have made. It is impossible for me to put into words the absolute grief, sadness and regret that I feel knowing the role I played in Alex's death. I truly wish I had been the only victim of my actions that night, and not Alex. I take full responsibility for what's happened – for the hurt, the pain and the anguish that I have caused you, your families, my families and friends. I know how senseless this has been and how preventable Alex's death was. There are simply no excuses.

Life will never be the same without Alex. He was a true friend. His presence in my life was profoundly valued and treasured. I think of him everyday. I think of all the good memories we shared and the adventures we had, I think of the qualities in him I admired; his loyalty, his wisdom, his sense of humour. I think of everything that's now been lost and everything he will never experience.

Alex was loved by everyone who knew him, but most of all he was loved by you. I know how deeply he is missed. In time I pray that you will begin to heal and fine peace once again in your lives.

If there is any good to come from this very dark cloud, I hope that it will be this message to others: the consequences of drunk driving are deadly, they are real, they are enduring – a nightmare from which you never wake up.