OTTAWA -- If you look at Tej Dulat’s driveway, you’ll notice something is missing: his fully loaded 2019 Toyota Highlander.

It, along with four other vehicles in the Glen Cairn and Bridlewood areas of Kanata, were stolen between Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning including two on one street.

"It was a surprise for everyone, especially in our neighbourhood which is very quiet, we never have any such experiences here," Dulat said. "They took a picture of the VIN number and after a few minutes they come back and they take your vehicle."

Ottawa Police are investigating and say the vehicles stolen were Toyota’s Highlander and Tacoma models.

"With keyless entries of cars, the burglars are becoming more sophisticated and using technological tools to assist them in committing the thefts, so that definitely poses a challenge for us," said Const. Martin Dompierre.

Dompierre said police believe the five vehicle thefts are linked to organized crime.

"Some vehicles are actually put in containers and shipped abroad," he said. "In this specific situation we can’t say, the investigation is ongoing."

To protect your vehicle, police suggest parking it in a garage, blocking it in with another vehicle or using a steering wheel lock.

Dulat said he’s worried that insurance rates will skyrocket if these thefts continue and is considering what his next vehicle will be.

Anyone with information on the thefts is asked to call police.