A trail in Kanata is once again a popular gathering spot for bonfires, with a large gathering this weekend signalling what residents fear is the start of bush party season.

Some of the neighbours living closest to the overnight action say the area was littered with a burned out fire pit, empty cans and broken glass following a party in the woods in Kanata’s Bridlewood community.

“I wake up this morning, there’s a bottle of rum sitting on my lawn. Out in the back there’s beer cans,” said one resident, telling CTV News Ottawa they’d prefer to remain anonymous. The resident said they don't know who the partygoers may be.

“Last night was Grand Central Station here… cars parked right on that corner there, kids getting out of the trunk of the car,” said Cindy, who says the bush parties have been held frequently over the last few years just behind her home near Spring Creek Crescent.

“The cops know, the fire department know, that towers there… that’s their big party area,” Cindy said.

In the past, she’s witnessed teenagers urinating on private property, drinking and disruptions to the neighbourhood.

“It’s tormenting the neighbours and we’re just fed up.”

On Saturday night, Cindy called Ottawa police when she saw a group heading into the woods. By 12 a.m., she says Ottawa Bylaw broke up the party and put out the fire. But some fear what could happen this summer.

“A couple years ago one incident where they did start the fire the department had to come and put out the fire,” said Paul Chapman whose backyard faces the trail. 

“It's disrespectful to the environment and the people here,” added Shelley Williams. “But what can you do.”

Ottawa Bylaw Services told CTV News Ottawa they responded to one complaint related to an outdoor gathering in Kanata Saturday evening and an investigation is ongoing.

Councillor Allan Hubley says since the trail falls under NCC property, they need to be involved in finding a more permanent solution. Meanwhile, the NCC says they are also looking into the situation.

But with jurisdiction at play, some say action is slow.

“I’m just getting frustrated with this whole thing because nobody’s doing anything,” said Greg. 

“Whether its bylaw, the police and NCC need to get together coordinate their services together to get a handle on this,” said Cindy.