Keith Forgie has a zebra in his living room and he’s not alarmed at all.

The man who runs Papanack Zoo near Wendover, Ont. is caring for the baby born three weeks premature with a broken leg.

Forgie said he’s caring for “Melinda’s Child” at his house until it’s ready to go back to the zoo in about six months.

“Right now I have it in my house because it doesn't have an immune system, so I'm building it a new place to live,” he said.

“People ask ‘Can it go with mom and dad?’ But mom and dad have viruses like any adult human being, although the colt isn't ready for that yet.”

There are rubber mats and newspapers all over the floor of Forgie’s house so the baby, named after its mother Melinda, can use the bathroom.

Forgie said caring for the zebra is an around-the-clock duty.

“It’s hard to get a babysitter for a zebra,” he explained.

Melinda’s Child has had surgery on his leg and was treated for pneumonia, racking up $35,000 in medical bills.

Forgie said he’s going to need to fundraise to help pay for that and the heated, insulated shelter he’ll build for the winter.

Oh, and we went the entire article without mentioning the baby yak that’s also living in Forgie’s basement.

With a report from CTV Ottawa’s Claudia Cautillo