OTTAWA -- It's the moment Ottawa's Michael Baine met his goal.

Just after 2 p.m. Sunday, the 72-year-old crossed the finish line for the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend’s virtual half-marathon.

"It’s emotional," said Baine, on a day that holds so much significance for him.

"That’s the one-year anniversary of when the bad part of this started," he said.

May 16 is when Baine noticed something was wrong.

"I developed a very severe symptoms when I arrived home. I knew I was in trouble."

Shortly after, he was diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer, in 2020. He had hoped for a long period of remission, but it was not to be. The cancer returning.

Still, the former teacher and principal was determined to complete the race Sunday, taking off at 8 a.m.

Despite his own incurable cancer spreading, he wants to help others. His team raised funds to support the Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre

"There’s lots of people there that don’t have the advantages I do. Hopefully, this money will go to making their stay at the cancer centre better," said Baine. 

On Sunday, he started in Westboro then made his way through the downtown core. Along the way, friends and family cheering him on.

"Mike is so special you cannot cheer him on," said Sue, who met him at the halfway point. "He cheers everybody else on so this makes sense."

"He's a really unique person," said former colleague, Cathy Comfort. 'We’re just following his progress with great interest and trying to support him as best as we can."

Those greetings, pushing Baine through.

"Everyone's come out. It distracts me from the discomfort to the point where I’m feeling really good," he said. 

After nearly six hours of walking, he holds on to his granddaughter’s stroller to take the final steps, completing the half-marathon. It’s a moment special for this family.

"One year ago as stuff started it doesn’t feel bad today. I feel bad but the feelings are good," Baine said.