OTTAWA -- For those who are trying to conceive, the closure of the Ottawa Fertility Centre, the largest clinic of its kind in Eastern Ontario, is another obstacle they’re facing on their journey.

“It’s just a lot of uncertainty at an already uncertain time,” said one woman who asked to not be identified.

She and her husband were in the process of refinancing their home to pay for a package that would use an egg donor from the United States when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. While they can pick a donor, procedures are on hold for now.

“It was a terrible decision we had to make, there was no winning on either side but we just felt it was the right thing to do for both our patients and our employees,” said Tim Skelly, the Ottawa Fertility Centre’s director of operations.

“In the fertility business they do a lot of waiting already whether they’re on a waitlist for MOH-funded services or whether it’s just to get in to see one of our doctors,” Skelly said.

“Stopping and waiting again is extremely painful and frustrating for them.”