The iPad has become incredibly popular especially for kids. That's why CHEO is now employing the technology to help children dealing with serious injuries or illness.

Justin LeBlanc, 9, has a type of bone cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma. In October he found-out he needed surgery.

To reduce his anxiety, CHEO child-life specialist, Manon Rollin, used a new tool for the hospital, the iPad.

On it, she was able to show Justin what he could expect on the day of his surgery.

“Sometimes when you walk them through it you take away some of their fears,” says Rollin.

CHEO started 2 years ago with 1 iPad. Now there are 9 of them being used in the ER and day surgery. Soon patients throughout the hospital will have access to the technology

"We also use it a lot for distraction throughout invasive procedures.  So sometimes that will lessen the pain because they are focused on something else.” Rollin says.

One of the benefits of the iPad is that applications can be tailored to a child's age and interests.

Justin LeBlanc says it helped reduce his fear before surgery. He says he hopes other kids will benefit from the iPads at CHEO.

"I would say he could use it to be less worried,” says Justin, “and I would like him to use it. It would help him I think.”

CTV's Natalie Pierosara will have more on this story tonight at six.