ALMONTE -- An outpouring of love for an Almonte boy who is facing a difficult battle with brain cancer.    

The town showed its support for Aiden Fotherby-Verk Wednesday morning by holding an impromptu parade outside of his front door.

His mother, Stephanie Fotherby-Verk was touched, “It kind of just spiralled into this beautiful community event that was just astounding.”

Aiden’s fourth grade teacher Kristine Caldwell helped organize the parade to help him celebrate his 11 birthday, a month early 

“We were able to put this together and I’m sure anybody who was able to see this parade walked away speechless, cause it was amazing just how quickly everybody came together to show this boy how much he is loved.”

He was diagnosed with brain cancer four years ago, and has undergone many treatments. According to Aiden’s mother, the latest treatment was just physically too difficult for her son, 

“We’ve gone to Toronto to Sick Kids, CHEO, we went to Boston for radiation, and then most recently we went to Memphis, Tennessee for a trial at St. Jude’s hospital - and unfortunately it was too hard on his body, and so they said just spend this time that you have left, and so we decided to come home,” said Stephanie Fotherby-Verk.

Aiden watched the parade from his front window, even waving to everyone out of the front door.

Aiden’s mom is grateful for what the town has done, 

“Throughout all of this, we tried to do crazy amazing adventures for Aiden and our kids just to show them how beautiful life is, and how kind people are despite him being sick,” said Fotherby-Verk.

“There is still so much to live for and so, I was pretty upset today, and I didn’t think he’d have his May 1 birthday, and so this really meant the world that this was one last adventure that I could really show him and give our family”