Once a day, Bob Harlow brings his precious cargo of ice cream and cones across the Rideau River to the Baxter Conservation Beach near Kemptville on his Ice Cream Float – the only boat serving ice cream in the area.

Harlow said he got the idea 11 years ago while he was waiting for the ice cream truck, and now he's the one bringing crowds of children off their beach towels to race down to the water at his arrival.

"They're watching it come across the lake and they're immediately screaming for money," said parent Sara Kerr. "It's like they're conditioned to go get money and get ice cream."

Harlow said his already-popular business that goes through about 130 buckets of ice cream a summer is benefitting from this week's hot temperatures.

"Once I get done all the people on the beach then I have camps that come up, so today is crazy," he said.

His business attracts both long-time customers and those who are just stopping by.

"I'm taking a ton of pictures, I think it's awesome," said Susan So, who was visiting from Texas.

"I love it, it's amazing, we can be at the beach and get some ice cream," said parent Doris Fuentes. "The kids love it."

Harlow's fans aren't even limited to those on land.

"I've had a boat tied up on either side and two or three circling at times," he said.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Carol Anne Meehan