A call from some city councillors for an emergency transit meeting has been rejected amid ongoing complaints from residents over unreliable OC Transpo service.

A transit commission meeting is scheduled for Nov. 6, but councillors Carol Anne Meehan, Catherine McKenney and Riley Brockington were demanding a special meeting.

“I wanted this meeting because I am being inundated like other councillors with complaints from people who rely on the bus that the buses are late, that the buses don’t show up, that they are taking many, many transfers where they didn’t have to do a transfer before,” said Meehan on Monday,

Since parallel bus service ended on Oct. 6 to push riders onto light rail, the Confederation Line has experienced several technical problems leading to delays for riders. There have also been complaints about major changes to bus routes.

According to Meehan, transit officials say managers are working on solutions and an emergency meeting would ‘disrupt that work.’ A scheduled transit meeting for October was cancelled.

“I wanted answers, and I don’t have answers,” said Meehan.