Nearly 2,400 people laid their yoga mats down on the grounds of Parliament Hill Wednesday to practice what has become a summer ritual in Ottawa.

“It just brings everyone together, especially having some tourists stop in,” said Mandy Genier.

“I've seen some people just say, ‘screw the mat,’ and just do it on the mat beside us, so it’s great.”

The mass event began six years ago and is organized through Lululemon. It has grown in size consistently over the years.

“We came to Parliament Hill and I believe there were like, six people the first day, just sitting over there,” said yoga instructor Mark Laham.

“And then by the end of the summer it was like 30, and over the years it’s just became a staple.”

Wednesday’s class set a new attendance record, with nearly 2,400 people practicing sun salutations.

“It’s great energy, so many people coming, and again, having the tourists, even everyone who is watching, its great to have so many people,” said Lauren Crosbie.

Experts say yoga has a number of benefits, including increased flexibility while decreasing stress levels.

Those embracing their inner yogi agreed.

“It makes me feel good! That's what yoga's all about! I feel like a kid again!” said Dennis Milling.

“I've got energy to burn, I can stand on my head. I lost 35 pounds, I feel great!”

“We're the capital of Canada, and for all of us to come out here and be healthy, to breath and stretch, building community,” said yoga instructor Ichih Wang.

Both beginners and avid yoga enthusiasts took part in the event.

With a report from CTV Ottawa’s Claudia Cautillo.