It can certainly spoil a weekend walk or run along the multi-use path along Longfields Drive in Barrhaven: dozens of bags of rotting garbage and refuse strewn throughout the ditch.

Bagala Biswal says it’s getting worse, and he doesn’t understand why.

“I absolutely don’t even fathom why someone is doing this”, he said.

“It’s just shocking. Every 30 to 40 metres there is another bag of garbage”.

By his count this weekend, there were more than 20 piles of garbage thrown indiscriminately over just one kilometre.

Ottawa By-Law is aware of the issue, reminding people if they’re caught, illegal dumping comes with a $385 fine.

But Biswal thinks there must be something else going on.

“We used to see it every once in a while. Now it’s getting worse.  Someone is regularly dumping their garbage here”, he says.  

He's also contacting city officials to try and get the area cleaned up, and find out who is dumping so much trash in a place a lot of people use for recreation. 

"We all have a part to play when it comes to keeping our city clean", said Alison Sandor with the City of Ottawa By-Law services.

"We encourage any resident who witnesses individuals dumping waste on public or private property to file a report via 3-1-1", she said.