Anne-Marie Goodman and her husband, Alan, were just happy to be at the Sens game Tuesday night.

Alan has been in the Queensway Carleton Hospital ICU for 170 days and counting. The former season ticket holder was surprised by the staff at the ICU with a trip to the Canadian Tire Center.

It took weeks of planning for this special outing to happen. It was a chance for Alan and members of the ICU team at the hospital to enjoy a well-earned break. Goodman, enjoying every minute of the game with her husband, has to speak for him, as he is currently unable to talk. She says they are thankful to the staff, the hospital, and the Ottawa Senators for making this happen.

“It’s huge. People have put so much energy into putting this together. To be able to do this with all the safeties in check is huge,” Goodman said. “It’s so good to be back.”

The team at the hospital was thrilled to make this happen for Alan. Kendall Ryan, one of the nurses volunteering her time to care for Alan wile he is out of the ICU, says she has been at his side since he arrived at the hospital in the summer.

“I’ve been looking forward to this for a month. We have been planning it, keeping it secret from Alan,” Ryan said. “When I came in today and saw his face light up, the jersey on, and knowing that he knew, and being able to come here and get it done and seeing the smile on his face is amazing. My heart was full the whole time.”

According to hospital officials, the Queensway Carleton was running at 115 per cent occupancy on Tuesday, with a full ICU. Shawna Nicholl, the ICU Clinical Manager, says it’s been difficult since the pandemic began, but being able to make something like this happen helps provide a welcome break for all.

“What we’ve been able to accomplish, to take our patient here, there are really no words. It’s a great moment for our team,” she said. “We’ve worked hard, so getting out and being able to be social with your team outside work, it’s going to bring that refresh the team needs, and to be able to take our patient with us it just makes it extra special.”

Although the Senators lost the game, Goodman and her husband Alan say this gift from caring staff and community members helps give them the strength to carry on, hoping one day soon, that Alan will no longer need the 24-hour care he receives at the Queensway Carleton Hospital.