OTTAWA -- As the pace of Ontario's COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues to pick up, more Ottawa residents will soon be able to receive their shots. has everything you need to know about getting the vaccine in Ottawa.


There are a number of groups in Ottawa who can get vaccinated at several different clinics. Here is a breakdown of who is eligible, where they can receive a vaccine and how to book it.

Community clinics

Who is eligible:

  • 60 and older (born in 1961 or earlier)
  • 50 and older if they live in "hot spots” including postal codes starting with K1T, K1V and K2V

What clinics are currently open:

  • Nepean Sportsplex, 1701 Woodroffe Ave.
  • Ruddy Family YMCA-YWCA, 265 Centrum Blvd.
  • Eva James Memorial Centre, 65 Stonehaven Dr.
  • Ottawa City Hall, 110 Laurier Ave. W.

How to book:


Hospital clinics

Who is eligible:

Patient-facing health care workers in the following settings and roles:

  • Birth centres
  • Community-based specialists
  • Death investigation professionals
  • Dentistry
  • Gynecology/obstetrics, midwifery
  • Nurse practitioner led clinics/contract nursing agencies
  • Otolaryngology (ear, nose, throat)
  • Pharmacies
  • Primary care
  • Respirology (respiratory therapy)
  • Walk-in clinics

 People with high-risk health conditions including:

  • Organ transplant recipients
  • Hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients
  • People with neurological diseases in which respiratory function may be compromised (e.g., motor neuron disease, myasthenia gravis, multiple sclerosis)
  • Haematological malignancy diagnosed less than one year ago
  • Sickle cell disease
  • Kidney disease eGFR< 30
  • Essential caregivers for individuals in the groups listed above

Where to get vaccinated:

  • Ottawa Hospital - Civic Campus - 1053 Carling Ave.
  • Queensway Carleton Hospital - 3045 Baseline Rd.

How to book:


Pharmacy vaccination

Who is eligible:

  • 55 and older (born in 1966 or earlier)

Pharmacies currently offering vaccine (latest list here):

  • Costco Pharmacy: 1405 Blair Towers Place, Gloucester
  • Costco Pharmacy: 770 Silver Seven Road, Kanata
  • Shoppers Drug Mart: 10-499 Terry Fox Drive, Kanata
  • Costco Pharmacy: 4315 Strandherd Drive, Nepean
  • Kanata Pharmasave: 101-99 Kaklulu Rd., Kanata
  • Shoppers Drug Mart: 3781 Strandherd Dr., Nepean
  • Paul's Pharmasave: 990 River Rd., Manotick
  • Shoppers Drug Mart: 1937 Portobello Blvd., Orleans
  • The Drug Store Pharmacy: 1619 Orleans Blvd., Gloucester
  • Shoppers Drug Mart: 680 Eagleson Rd., Kanata
  • The Drug Store Pharmacy: 3201 Greenbank Rd., Ottawa
  • Loblaw Pharmacy: 4270 Innes Rd., Ottawa
  • Loblaw Pharmacy: 1980 Baseline Rd., Nepean
  • Rexall: 2525 Carling Ave., Ottawa
  • Centrepointe Guardian Drugs: 117 Centrepointe Drive, Nepean
  • Rexall: 1615 Orleans Blvd., Orleans
  • Shoppers Drug Mart: 410 Richmond Rd., Ottawa
  • WalMart Pharmacy: 171-1980 Ogilvie Rd., Gloucester
  • Loblaw Pharmacy: 200 Grant Carman Dr., Nepean
  • Rexall: C-1725 Walkley Rd., Ottawa
  • The Drug Store Pharmacy: 59A Robertson Rd., Nepean
  • Walmart Pharmacy: 5357 Fernbank Rd., Kanata
  • Shoppers Drug Mart: 322 Rideau St., Ottawa
  • Crown Pointe Pharmacy: 13-900 Watters Rd., Orleans
  • Pharmasave Cyril Pharmacy: 1795 Kilborn Avenue
  • The Drugstore Pharmacy: 2681 Alta Vista Dr., Ottawa
  • Good Health Pharmacy: 2-4188 Spratt Rd., Gloucester
  • Sobeys Pharmacy: 700 Terry Fox Dr., Kanata
  • Sobeys Pharmacy: 5150 Innes Rd., Orleans
  • Osgoode Pharmacy: 3192 Logan Farm Dr., Osgoode
  • Innes IDA Pharmacy: 101-4473 Innes Rd., Orleans
  • Sobeys Pharmacy: 840 March Rd., Kanata
  • Stittsville Whole Health Pharm: C-1609 Stittsville Main St
  • Apothe SOS Pharamcy: 8-314 Central Park Dr., Ottawa
  • The Drugstore Pharmacy: 760 Eagleson Rd., Kanata
  • Rexall: 832 March Rd., Kanata
  • Rexall: 300 Eagleson Rd., Kanata
  • Rexall: 4048 Carling Ave., Kanata
  • Drugstore Pharmacy: 3777 Strandherd Dr., Nepean
  • Rexall: 1363B Woodroffe Ave., Nepean
  • Rexall: 2144 Robertson Rd., Nepean
  • Rexall: 900 Greenbank Rd., Nepean
  • Walmart Pharmacy: 3651 Strandherd Dr., Nepean
  • Rexall: 160-110 Place d'Orleans Dr., Orleans
  • Bank Street Medical Pharmacy: 1935 Bank St., Ottawa
  • Glebe Apothecary: 778 Bank St., Ottawa
  • Loblaw Pharmacy: 1980 Ogilvie Rd., Ottawa
  • Loblaw Pharmacy: 1460 Merivale Rd., Ottawa
  • Loblaw Pharmacy: 2210C Bank St., Ottawa
  • Metro Pharmacy: 4510 Innes Rd., Ottawa
  • Rexall: 753 Montreal Rd., Ottawa
  • Rexall: 160 Elgin St.
  • Rexall: 240 Sparks St.
  • Walmart Pharmacy: 450 Terminal Ave., Ottawa
  • Walmart Pharmacy: 2210 Bank St., Ottawa
  • Walmart Pharmacy: 2277 Riverside Dr., Ottawa
  • Drugstore Pharmacy: 100 McArthur Ave., Vanier

How to book:

  • Call individual pharmacy

A list of additional pharmacies that will begin offering COVID-19 vaccines was released by the Ontario government on Sunday, April 11. These pharmacies are expected to begin offering appointments in the coming days.


Pop-up clinics in high-risk communities

Who is eligible:

  • 60 and older in high-risk neighbourhoods
  • Adults receiving chronic home health care (NOTE: Adults receiving chronic home care living anywhere in Ottawa are eligible to receive a vaccine)
  • Clients or members of The Good Companions Seniors’ Centre 60 or over (NOTE: The pop-up vaccination clinic at the Good Companions is fully booked. Appointments for people 60+ can be made at the community clinics on the provincial portal.)

What neighbourhoods are high-risk:

  • Britannia Village
  • Carleton Heights-Rideauview
  • Carlington
  • Carson Groves-Carson Meadows
  • Centretown West
  • Emerald Woods
  • Greenboro East
  • Hawthorne Meadows
  • Heatherington
  • Heron Gate
  • Hunt Club East – Western Community
  • Hunt Club Park
  • Ledbury
  • Lowertown (Lowertown East)
  • Manor Park
  • Overbrook-McArthur
  • Parkwood Hills
  • Ridgemont
  • Riverview
  • Sawmill Creek
  • Bayshore-Belltown
  • Sheffield Glen
  • Stewart Farm
  • Vanier North
  • Vanier South
  • Sandy Hill
  • Whitehaven – Queensway Terrace North

Location of clinics:

  • Albion-Heatherington Recreation Centre, 1560 Heatherington Road 
  • AMA Community Centre, 1216 Hunt Club Road 
  • Canterbury Recreation Complex, 2185 Arch Street
  • Centre Pauline-Charron, 164 Jeanne Mance St
  • Emerald Plaza Branch of the Ottawa Public Library, 1547 Merivale Road 
  • Greenboro Community Centre, 363 Lorry Greenberg Drive 
  • Ottawa City Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue West
  • Overbrook Community Centre, 33 Quill Street 
  • Pat Clark Community Centre, 4355 Halmont Drive 
  • Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre, 102 Greenview Avenue 
  • St-Laurent Complex, 525 Côté Street
  • Sawmill Creek Pool and Community Centre, 3380 D’Aoust Avenue 

How to book:

Ontario Vaccine Portal or call 613-691-5505


First Nation, Inuit and Métis clinics

Who is eligible:

  • First Nation, Inuit and Métis community members aged 16 and older

Where to get vaccinated:

  • St-Laurent Complex, 525 Côté Street

How to book:

  • Call 613-691-5505

You can use the city's COVID-19 vaccine eligibility screening tool to determine whether you are eligible for a shot. Note, you will have to provide proof to validate your responses above in order to ensure your eligibility to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Walk-ins will not be accepted at any vaccination clinics. You must book your appointment in advance.

(CTV News Ottawa/Ottawa Public Health/Google Maps)


On April 6, Ontario has moved into Phase Two of the provincial immunization program. According to the government, other groups that will be come eligible for the vaccine include:

  • Individuals with specific health conditions which make them at high-risk or at-risk, as well as some primary caregivers
  • People who live and work in congregate settings and some primary caregivers
  • Certain workers who cannot work from home (e.g., elementary / secondary school staff, food manufacturing workers, high-risk and critical retail workers, and more)


According to the province, patients with high-risk conditions will be contacted by their health care providers to set up an appointment. Anyone can check to see if they are eligible by clicking here.


Eligible residents can call 1-833-943-3900 (TTY 1-866-797-0007) Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. or visit


When booking, you will be asked for information from your Ontario health card, your birth date, postal code and email address and/or phone number. When you book, you will schedule your first and second vaccination appointments.

Public health officials say if you have a fever or COVID-19 symptoms, you should wait to receive a vaccine. This will help avoid confusing symptoms from other illnesses with vaccine-related adverse events. It also helps to decrease COVID-19 transmission at an immunization clinic


Seniors in long-term care homes, retirement home residents, frontline health care workers, members of the general public aged 80 and older have received vaccines so far.The city has also administered the vaccines to some first responders, such as police officers, firefighters and paramedics.


No matter where you are getting vaccinated, you should bring:

  • your Ontario health (OHIP) card (if you have one) or another piece of government-issued identification;
  • a face covering or mask (wear one at all times); and
  • assistive or accessibility devices (if you need them)

Wear clothing that allows easy access to your upper arm and shoulder area, such as a t-shirt.

Some locations may have additional requirements. Make sure to check if you need to bring anything else, such as another form of identification, when you book your appointment.

If possible, please avoid bringing people with you if they do not have an appointment.

If you need someone with you, ask the clinic ahead of time to confirm if this is possible. They will not be able to get vaccinated unless they have an appointment too.


The mass vaccination clinics, when they open, will be accessible by public transit. Use the OC Transpo travel planner to figure out the best route. If you are a Para Transpo user, you can book your ride to the pop-up clinic like you would normally do. If a transportation option is not available to you, you can request a ride to and from a popup clinic when you book your vaccine appointment.


The National Advisory Council on Immunization says the second dose can be delivered up to four months after the first dose. 

If you schedule your appointment through the provincial online vaccine booking system, you will need to book appointments for both doses together to make sure you get the second dose at the right time.


Each of Ontario’s 34 public health units are responsible for coming up with and carrying out their own vaccination plans. You can contact Ottawa Public Health for the latest information on vaccines.